Founded in 2005. Bowery Babes is dedicated to supporting women from pregnancy through the early years of motherhood and beyond. If you are looking for a supportive and community based group and you are a mom or a soon to be mom who resides in Greenwich Village, Union Square, Soho, Noho, LES, Flatiron or surrounding neighborhoods, Bowery Babes welcomes you!

It began with a small group of women taking a prenatal yoga class on the Bowery in 2005. These women stayed in touch and a mother's circle formed. Over time, new circles formed, deeper connections evolved and the “Bowery Babes” grew into the group it is today. Currently, Bowery Babes is a 3,000 member group of local moms residing in lower Manhattan.

Our mission is to help new mothers make connections and navigate motherhood by providing a caring and supportive place to connect with other new moms and their babies.

Bowery Babes provides online discussion groups, new mom support groups, and educational seminars/webinars to moms, expectant moms and families in Lower Manhattan. Additionally, Bowery Babes has subgroups targeted towards Working Moms, Solo Moms, Special Needs, Adoption, and LGBT.

Our online discussion boards provide a safe and private place for all members to share resources and discuss current topics of parenting. We set up moms with children born at the same time and encourage meet ups, play dates and activities. Bowery Babes has a very active Classified section where you can buy, sell, or give away anything from diapers to furniture, and a Nanny Talk board which is a great resource for finding a nanny/caregiver. We also work closely with local charities to take donations, and once you are a member, you can learn ways to service our downtown community.

We have a heavy emphasis on educational seminars and webinars. Not only does Bowery Babes serve our members and their family members, but we also open events up to the public, including the local community and schools. If you are not a Bowery Babes member, but would like to hear all about our educational events, please send us an email and we will add you to our weekly “Around Town”.

Letter From Our Founder

Bowery Babes IS A 501(c) (3) non profit corporation.
To read a detailed letter about how things work, please go to our JOIN page.

Please feel free to contact us!

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